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Active Projects & Permits

Below is a list of active projects and a summary of annual proposed and issued permits for commercial, industrial and residential. For more information on permits and growth trends, and agricultural land preservation, view the Cumberland County’s 2018 Annual Report.

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Cumberland County Active Projects

Carlisle Borough

Carlisle Construction Materials

  • $ 15 million dollar training facility and technical center
  • 125 person conference auditorium with breakout rooms and amenities

View the article for more details on Carlisle Construction Materials.

Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Plan

  • After the closing of 3 manufacturing operations in the northern part of Carlisle, the Borough has undertaken a redevelopment plan to promote redevelopment activities
  • Key elements of the plan involve improving transportation components, managing stormwater, defining specific strategies for economic development and working with private property owners to develop specific redevelopment plans for brownfield sites

View the article for more details on the Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Plan.

View the video of the three brownfields in Carlisle Borough.

Chick-Fil-A and Five Guys

  • Demolision of former Tractor Supply store for new retail spaces including a Five Guys
  • Stand alone Chick-Fil-A Restaurant

View the article for more details on Chick-Fil-A and Five Guys.

Former Carlisle Tire and Wheel Redevelopment

  • Former Brownfield Site
  • Redeveloped in 16 high-end apartments

View the article for more details on the Former Carlisle Tire and Wheel Redevelopment.

Dickinson College

  • 38,000 SF new dormitory space
  • 129 additional beds
  • LEED Design

View the article for more details on Dickinson College.

Dickinson Township

Carlisle Trade Center 44

  • 600,000 SF on 50 acres
  • 217 parking spaces and 157 truck stalls

View the article for more details on Carlisle Trade Center 44.

Goodman North American Partnership Holdings, LLC

  • 2 Million sq. ft. Warehouse and Logistics Space
  • Estimated 900 jobs to be created

View the article for more details on Goodman North American Partnership Holdings.

East Pennsboro Township

Summerdale Development Plan

  • 50+ acres near Interstate 81
  • Acquired by Cumberland County Industrial Development Authority and sold to New England Retail Properties Inc.
  • Available for mixed use development

View the article for more details on the Summerdale Development Plan.

Hampden Township

Mixed-Use Overlay Zoning Project

  • Parcels adjacent to Carlisle Pike, Trindle Road, and Simpson Ferry Road
  • Exploration of new/revised zoning ordinances to attract and encourage redevelopment

View the article for more details on the Mixed-Use Overlay Zoning Project.

The Oaks

  • 22 Single Family Home Development

View the article for more details on The Oaks.

Lower Allen Township

2404 Gettysburg Road Building Expansion

  • 42,961 SF warehouse addition to existing 124,901 SF warehouse

View the article for more details on the Gettysburg Road Building Expansion.


  • 20-25 year development plan for 1,600 housing, retail and commercial spaces
  • 247-acre Arcona Development

View the article for more details on Highpoint.

Westport Business Center

  • 3 story office building, 45,000 SF floor space (15,000 SF per floor)
  • Approved May 11, 2015

View for more details.

Newville Borough

Cumberland Valley Rail Trail (CVRT) Grant

  • The Cumberland Valley Rail Trail will extend from Shippensburg to Carlisle with a stop in Newville
  • In order to complete the last section of the trail from Newville to Carlisle, CVRT is applying for state funding to complete a valuable regional natural asset

View the article for more details on the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail Grant.

Newville Trail Town Development

  • Task Force created to assist in developing Newville as a Trail Town
  • Natural resources and community assets make Newville an ideal location for trail users to visit
  • The task force is determining funding opportunities and planning opportunities to realize Trail Town vision

View the article for more details on Newville Trail Town Development.

Shippensburg Township

Raider Capital Ventures, LLC

  •  Marriott hotel construction near Shippensburg University Conference Center
  • $14 million Courtyard by Marriott Hotel
  • 110 rooms and will employ 26 full-time employees

View the article for more details on Raider Capital Ventures.

Shippensburg Investors, LLC

  • Planned distribution and logistics center at Exit 29 in Shippensburg Township, Cumberland County
  • 1.1 million sq. ft. and restaurant pad site
  • Estimated 500 jobs and $521,000 in tax revenue

View the article for more details on Shippensburg Investors.

Silver Spring Township

Carlisle NAPA Facility Expansion

  • Addition 35,000 sq. ft. added to current 51,000 sq. ft. distribution building
  • Increased employment from 28-42

View the article for more details on Carlisle NAPA Facility Expansion.

Faulkner Automobile Dealership

  • Purchased 14.5-acre parcel to establish four new car dealerships along Carlisle Pike

View the article for more details on Faulkner Automobile Dealership.

Delta Pointe West

  • Groundbreaking in June 2015
  • Looking to add 35-50 new jobs

View the article for more details on Delta Pointe West.

South Middleton Township

Carlisle Airport

  • Privately-owned Carlisle Airport looking to identify public authority to purchase
  • Airport visitation continues to grow and hanger occupancy has reached capacity, public ownership would open opportunities to expand and improve the facility to continue serving the region

View the article for more details on the Carlisle Airport.

Parkview at Boiling Springs

  • 109 Single Family Home Development, currently in Phase 2

View the article for more details on Parkview at Boiling Springs.

Summerbridge Green Community

  • 298 Unit Apartment Community
  • Designed using energy-saving construction materials, methods and appliances

View the article for more details on Summerbridge Green Community.

York/Trindle Connector Road

View the article for more details on the York/Trindle Connector Road.

Upper Allen Township

Orchard Glen

  • 365 Unit mixed-use development
  • 10 Stage Development Plan, currently in Phase 5

View the article for more details on Orchard Glen.

Rider Musser Development LLC (Oakview Hills)

  • Map and text amendments for a proposed development of 312 garden apartments, 44 townhomes, two restaurants, a bank, a convenience store, a hotel with conference center, office buildings, and a mixed-use residential and retail center.
  • Zoning text amendment approved February 18, 2015

View the technical drawings. (pdf)

Winding Hills Planned Residential Development

  • 889 Single-Family Homes and Townhomes

View the technical drawing. (pdf)



Cumberland County Permits Summary



Year Proposed Residential Units Issued Building Permits
2000 1764 1127
2001 1679 1132
2002 1264 1648
2003 2240 1569
2004 1494 1407
2005 3182 1502
2006 2647 1351
2007 2411 1583
2008 1073 1277
2009 693 774
2010 682 882
2011 684 745
2012 502 1091
2013 965 1141
2014 724 892
2015 1,098 922
2016 2,208 1,095
2017 1,524 1,023
2018 773 1,482

Commercial and Industrial

Year Proposed Commercial and Industrial Units Issued Commercial and Industrial Permits
2000 131 77
2001 170 72
2002 94 78
2003 105 53
2004 78 69
2005 54 70
2006 71 65
2007 91 56
2008 91 47
2009 48 44
2010 31 32
2011 48 42
2012 27 74
2013 36 48
2014 45 73
2015 45 73
2016 47 75
2017 40 69
2018 61 59

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