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Specialized Business Development Services in Pennsylvania’s Cumberland County

Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation (CAEDC) is your dedicated business concierge connecting you with resources to accelerate your business relocation, growth, and innovation. CAEDC can help you with site selection, capital access, productivity improvement, permit navigation, development, community planning and much more.

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Our consultative approach helps companies reduce costs, save time, optimize talent and grow sales.


Immediate access to the most current market information from over 100 brokers and realtors and numerous property owners while your business may remain anonymous.

Site Selection Database and identification of sites that are shovel ready, sites that are available for immediate occupancy, and sites where your business use is compatible with local planning, zoning and building codes.

CAEDC can also introduce you to economic development zones in Pennsylvania that provide your business with clear strategic and financial advantages. In Cumberland County, qualified businesses gain access to development process services in addition to meaningful tax breaks and incentives that positively affect their bottom line. Some of the economic development programs we provide access to include:

  • Enterprise Zones Are you considering relocating your business? Ask CAEDC about the Enterprise Zone program, which provides tax credits to businesses that rehabilitate, expand or improve an existing building or lot. Qualified businesses must build within certain geographical boundaries in Cumberland County. In addition to tax credits, other benefits may include DCED grants and loan funds, low-interest financing and other programs.
  • Foreign Trade Zones. Having fast and convenient access to air, road and rail are essential for businesses that conduct international commerce. Cumberland County is a joint sponsor of Foreign Trade Zone 147, which enables global enterprises to gain improved accessibility and reduced customs duties when they operate within two zoned areas in Cumberland County.
  • Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ). KIZ targets young, for-profit enterprises focused on advanced manufacturing, life sciences or business technology solutions. If you build your business within a designated KIZ geographical boundary, then your business may gain up to $100,000 in tax credits annually.
  • SBA Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUB). If you operate a small business in one of five low median household income or high unemployment areas within Carlisle or Shippensburg, you may be able to become a designated HUB Zone Firm. HUB Zone benefits include set asides, 10% price evaluation preference and 3% government-wide prime and subcontracting goals.


CAEDC offers development process services for businesses in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. We can help your business coordinate with local, state, and federal officials and agencies to facilitate an efficient, effective review and approval process of your land development, zoning, and building plans. Abundant land, a skilled workforce, strategic location, and a business-friendly community is why businesses that could build anywhere choose Cumberland County.

Once you’ve chosen your property, CAEDC can continue to help you finalize your options. With our help, you can conduct developer outreach, and establish relationships with local architects, engineers, contractors, professional services, and financial institutions. CAEDC helps you optimize your options while planning your development and establishing a construction or grand opening schedule.


  • Sometimes the hardest part of a project is knowing where to go and who to contact. CAEDC serves as your first point of contact, leveraging community connections and local, state and federal resources. We guide our clients to, and set appointments with, the correct political, municipal, or agency representatives. This process allows CAEDC to work with officials in order to get our client’s questions answered and needs met in a timely fashion. These meetings also allow officials to give the necessary guidance, recommendations, and support to move projects along.
  • Whether advocating for programs to meet specific business and industry needs, securing resources to expand business opportunities, implementing market studies or conducting environmental remediation/hazard mitigation, CAEDC staff will maximize their partnerships to enhance your opportunities to succeed.

About Cumberland County and CAEDC


CAEDC promotes and supports the development of businesses and organizations. Over 6,000 businesses call Cumberland Valley home, where they employ over 115,000 people. Our unemployment rate, at 3.4%, is far below the state unemployment average of 4.8%. Employers choose Cumberland County because our workers are skilled, and the cost of living is 5% below the national average. GDP and housing prices are also increasing, and jobs are growing. A rich history, access to outstanding regional amenities and an excellent quality of life burnish Cumberland Valley’s reputation as a region poised to attract strong businesses and an educated workforce.

One of the reasons our economy is so strong is that it’s also diverse. Cumberland County’s businesses and employers range from government to healthcare to financial services. Retail, transportation and warehousing are also well represented in the region. Top employers and industries in Cumberland County include government, healthcare, financial services, business services, retail, transportation and warehousing. Agriculture, including agritourism, also play important roles. These facts and more make Cumberland County a smart place to grow your business.

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