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Grants For Businesses in Cumberland County Pennsylvania

CAEDC can assist you through the facilitation of the entire grant process. From project support to grant writing and strategies, we can help you achieve funding for your next project in the Cumberland Valley. View a variety of grants for small businesses in Pennsylvania below, or contact us to discuss which program would be a good fit for your project.

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For small businesses, medium-sized, and enterprise-level companies & organizations:

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Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) – US Dept. of Justice (COPS Hiring Program, Community Policing Development) Hiring of police officers, school resources officers, and support community policing. Up to 75% of the approved entry-level salary and benefits for three years (36 months) for newly hired, full-time sworn officer positions (including filling existing unfunded vacancies) or for rehired officers who have been laid off. $250,000 – $500,000
Multimodal Transportation Fund (MTF) – PA DCED/CFA and PennDOT Roads/streets, streetscape, sidewalks, lighting, transit and rail, airport and port facilities. PennDOT funds require agency decisions. DCED funds require Commonwealth Financing Authority approval. Up to $3 million; 30% match required
Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) – PA Office of Budget Site preparation, equipment purchase and installation, and building construction costs. Itemization in capital budget bill. Must be job creating/tax generation project to be competitive. $1 million to $4 million in reimbursement grant funding; 50% match required
PA Small Water and Sewer – PA DCED and CFA Small municipal water and sewer projects. Requires municipal approval and planning consistency.   Municipalities and municipal authorities may apply. $50,000 to $150,000; requires 15% matching funds
H2O – PA DCED and CFA Water and wastewater infrastructure improvement projects. Includes construction of new infrastructure and upgrades to treatment facilities and equipment. Project must be municipal water or waste water project; economic development cannot be the reason for the project. Up to $20 million or 66% of the total eligible project costs, whichever is less
PennWorks – PA DCED and CFA Water and wastewater infrastructure improvements.   Includes construction of new infrastructure and upgrades to treatment facilities and equipment. Project must be related to an economic development project that creates jobs and increases capacity to serve the job creation project. Cannot be a municipal project. Up to $5 million or 75% of total eligible project costs, whichever is less
Community Conservation Partnerships Program (C2P2) – PA DEP Planning, land acquisition, partnership development, trails, land and water conservation, and development projects directly related to outdoor recreation and use of green space, trails, etc. For trail development; conservation of open space; community education; planning for development of connectivity projects; and development of those projects. Eligible uses depend upon open category of funding. Up to $1 million; average awards range $250,000 to $500,000;10-50% match required
PA Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program – PA DCED and CFA Public parks and recreation areas – including rehabilitation and/or development of indoor and outdoor parks and recreation areas (including rec facilities); greenways and trails; rivers conservation – including rivers, streams and watersheds. Eligible costs include construction, engineering, environmental assessment, fixed equipment, clearing of land, and costs to support grant administration. Up to to $250,000; 15% match required
Watershed Restoration and Protection Program – PA DCED and CFA Watershed protection, stream bank stabilization, runoff controls and related activities that involve Best Management Practices (BMPs). Eligible costs include construction, engineering, stabilization and monitoring costs. Up to $300,000; 15% match required
Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (AFIG) – PA DEP Development of innovative alternative fuels technology; manufacturing of alternative fuels and/or components; and conversion of fleet vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Projects must either create new technologies related to alternative fuels or deploy alternative fuels. Eligible applicants include school districts, municipal authorities, political subdivisions, incorporated non-profit entities, corporations, and limited liability companies or partnerships registered to do business in Pennsylvania. Up to $250,000
Municipal Assistance Program (MAP) – PA DCED Shared services, community planning and floodplain management. Shared service activities: consolidating or regionalizing shared services among multiple counties and municipalities boundary change studies, shared personnel and shared equipment. New or expanded intergovernmental initiatives that promote local governmental efficiencies and effectiveness. Community planning: comprehensive plans and parts thereof, land use ordinances, Transit Revitalization Investment District planning studies and entrepreneurial/innovative plans that support community and economic development improvements with an emphasis on multi-municipal plans.Floodplain management: reimbursement for costs of preparation. Up to 50% of eligible costs
Industrial Sites Reuse Program (ISRP) – PA DCED Environmental assessment and remediation costs on PA brownfields and/or previously utilized buildings. Eligible public entity must own the land at the time of remediation in order to be eligible for a grant. Loans available to private developers. Developers can be grant eligible with cooperation agreement and title agreement with eligible applicant. Certain classes of cities and municipalities are eligible, and/or targeted redevelopment areas. Up to $200,000 for assessment and $1 million for remediation, or 75% of total eligible project cost, whichever is less
Alternative and Clean Energy (ACE) – PA DCED and CFA Utilization, development and construction of alternative and clean energy projects. $1:$1 match requirement for grants. For manufacturers of alternative and/or clean energy generation equipment up to $10,000 for every job projected to be created by the business within 3 years. For alternative energy production project up to $2 million or 30% of the total project cost.

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