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CAEDC: 2018 at a Glance

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Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, is home to everything from 46 miles of the Appalachian Trail to the William Groves Speedway and the Cumberland Valley beer trail, just to name a few. It was also the fastest-growing county in Pennsylvania in 2018. What contributed to that success?

Four Key Strategies

There are four key strategies at play that are making Cumberland County the most successful in Pennsylvania. It is working to redevelop unproductive sites as well as develop its tourism product to bring more visitors to this beautiful part of the state. It is also working to attract, retain and expand new businesses within the county’s borders, and develop the workforce by connecting with employers and educators. How does each of these things impact the county as a whole?

Fast Facts

CAEDC’s 2018 marketing efforts reached more than 511 million people, and the county had a collective unemployment rate of only 3.7% — 0.2% below the national average in December 2018. Each available room within the country generated $51 in revenue, and residents contributed more than 350 hours of volunteer time at visitors centers.

Workforce Development

Workforce development is one of the biggest contributors to Cumberland County’s success. CAEDC works with educational institutions and large employers to develop programs that will prepare students to either go directly into the job market after graduation or make the transition to a technical school. The program focuses primarily on health care, advanced manufacturing, heavy equipment and military retention. It’s not just beneficial for new graduates — the program can also help adults who want to learn new skills or transition to new careers.

Success Stories

CAEDC provides assistance or capital for real estate acquisition and construction — anything necessary to help Cumberland County and its communities grow and thrive. The program has received $3.4 million in public funding for redevelopment projects. CAEDC-assisted projects have contributed more than $75 million in new investments and small-business financing in Cumberland County.

Recently Completed Projects

Some of CAEDC’s recently completed projects are inspiring. The Downtown Redevelopment project used master plan and streetscape studies and/or grant funding to revitalize communities, breathing new life into the iconic downtown areas in New Cumberland, Boiling Springs, Shippensburg and Camp Hill. The Carlisle Sentinal building was refurbished with PA Industrial Development Authority loans to open a new pretzel factory — the Amish Country Bakehouse LLC.

A Tourism Product Development Grant turned an abandoned boxcar into the new Cumberland Valley Railroad Museum, which showcases the history of the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail. The same grant program also supported commercial development at the Long Shot Farm LLC vineyard, adding a winery and tasting room to encourage additional tourism.

REC Projects Underway

CAEDC is still working to improve Cumberland County and make it as successful as it was in 2018. A former domestic castings site in Shippensburg is being revitalized, as well as an old Tyco site in Carlisle and the site of the former Lemoyne Middle School.

Continuing to Grow in 2019

CAEDC is still moving forward, helping Cumberland County improve by revitalizing old sites, refreshing the workforce and working to bring more tourists into this beautiful Pennsylvania county.


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