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CAEDC affiliate helping to accelerate Cumberland County redevelopment efforts

Even fast-growing areas such as Cumberland County have a fair share of vacant and blighted properties that fail to attract private developers, who may be turned off by potentially high costs for cleaning up the sites.

A county’s economic development officials know those sites well, but making a list of top priorities doesn’t magically get projects started. Sometimes counties need to take control of old industrial sites or unused public buildings and prepare them for new investment.

That prep work might entail demolition and rezoning a tract to meet today’s demands for mixed-use development.

Enter the Real Estate Collaborative LLC, an affiliate set up last year by the Cumberland Area Economic Development Corp. to break down barriers and create less risky investment opportunities for private developers.

“To a certain extent, we’re being proactive,” said Jonathan Bowser, CAEDC’s CEO. “We’re the fastest-growing county in the state, but we want to retain that.”

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