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Cumberland County Ranked #1 in Pennsylvania

According to a recent ist from real estate site, Movoto, Cumberland County was ranked the #1 county in Pennsylvania. This list was compiled using metrics like unemployment rate, household income, average commute time, and more. Below is part of their report.

“Pennsylvania certainly has a wealth of history and culture. Between the Pennsylvania Dutch, the Battle of Gettysburg, Hershey Chocolate, and being one of the first 13 states, there’s so much to explore.
Really, the question isn’t should you come to visit, it’s where should you start?
The Movoto Real Estate Blog was curious about that question too, especially considering we sell houses in Pennsylvania, and we set out to find the answer. We’ve looked at the best places in Pennsylvania, but for this we wanted a wider area, so we looked at counties to see which was simply the best.

After analyzing some data and crunching some numbers, we had our answer to that riddle. The top 10 counties are:

1. Cumberland County
2. Chester County
3. Centre County
4. Montgomery County
5. Bucks County
6. Montour County
7. Butler County
8. Delaware County
9. Adams County
10. Lancaster County

You may notice that’s a lot of pretty interesting and different sorts of places. But that’s okay, because a little variety is good. And if you want to see where the top 50 counties ranked, you can check the chart at the bottom of this article. If you want to explore just how we did all this, you can see just what numbers and methods we used to make this ranking in the next section.

Our Methodology

We created this Big Deal List strictly by the numbers. Which numbers? Well, we turned to the 2010 U.S. Census to collect data about every county in the state, which was a total of 67 counties. The important criteria we analyzed were:

Unemployment rate (the lower the better)
Median household income (the higher the better)
Median rent (the higher the better, to indicate area’s desirability)
Median home price (the higher the better, to indicate desirability)
Percent of families below the poverty line (the lower the better)
High school graduation rate (the higher the better)
Average Commute Time (the lower the better)
After we got that data, we ranked each county in each category from one to 67, with scores closer to one being better.
Then, we averaged all of each counties scores into one Big Deal Score. The place that had the lowest number for that score came out on top as our best Pennsylvania County.
To get a better idea of what makes these spots so great, let’s look at each of our top 10 in more depth.

1. Cumberland County
We mentioned history and culture earlier, and this county has it by the ton. Tons of colleges, plenty of historic state landmarks, and so many festivals that there’s at least one per month. Those are only a few reasons this place is great.

Cumberland County had the fourth lowest poverty, the sixth lowest unemployment rate, the fifth highest income, and the 10th highest high school graduation rate.

This county even had the 11th lowest commute time, at only 21 minutes. Still, the median home price here managed to be a very decent $183,500, so the area is desirable, but not impossible to afford.

Nature lovers will also find themselves right at home here, considering this county has both Pine Grove Furnace State Park and Colonel Denning State Park to call its own.”


You can read the full article and list from Movoto here.

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