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Why Cumberland Valley, PA Is a Great Place for Businesses

When you think of Cumberland Valley, what do you picture? The great scenery? The friendly people? It is known for all those things, but, did you know that Cumberland Valley is also a great place for businesses?

The very thing bringing people to this area is making it into a thriving business community. With fiscal growth on the rise, a convenient location and amenities galore, Cumberland Valley, PA is more than just pretty towns to drive through — it’s an optimal spot to lay down your business roots.

business opportunities in cumberland valley

Economic Growth

Cumberland Valley is home to 6,000 businesses, which in turn employ around 116,000 people. And there are more to come, as the area experienced a .31 percent job growth and is projected to achieve a future job growth rate of 35.13 percent. Better still, the cost of living is 4.8 percent lower than the Pennsylvania average and 8.2 percent below the U.S. average.

This stellar growth rate is thanks in part to Cumberland County’s steadfast commitment to economic growth through businesses and local movements. Part of this movement is redeveloping underused and blighted out areas into places ready for housing, retail and other community enrichment centers.

One example of this is in Shippensburg, at the Domestic Castings facility, which was built in the 1800s. Due to the site’s age, there are some environmental concerns to address. After a thorough assessment, the plan is to redevelop the plot into a mix of residential and commercial spaces.

Location, Location, Location

Cumberland Valley is conveniently situated a mere 2-3 hours’ drive from the Northeast’s major metropolitan areas. This puts it within range of Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia, perfect for a day trip.

The Valley is easily accessible by trains and planes, making it perfect for both customers and goods. Carlisle has its own dedicated airport and is just 30 miles away from Harrisburg International. Travelers have the option of using bus services and arriving at either Greyhound, Megabus or Capital Area Transit Terminals.

If you’re looking to draw customers from across the state, settling within Cumberland Valley puts your business within easy reach. What’s even better is that Cumberland Valley has quite a few local populations to draw from as well.

A recent study aimed to evaluate the value that local military installations bring to the region. After gathering numerical data and conducting numerous interviews, officials determined the military installations generated $1 billion for the local economy. This alone makes Cumberland Valley a choice location for businesses.

Ample Amenities

One of Cumberland Valley’s main draws is the sheer abundance of recreational opportunities available. Hiking enthusiasts will have plenty of ground to cover, with 200 plus miles of trail, three state parks and two state forests. And that’s not even counting the 46 miles of the Appalacian Trail.

Boating and fly-fishing are popular attractions. The Yellow Breeches Creek is a great location for fishing with the family. If you prefer boating, you can take a trip to Laurel Lake, located in Pine Grove Furnace State Park. For those who don’t want to travel far, there are plenty of small local parks to relax in.

Last but not least, there are plenty of opportunities to sight-see across the county. Families can visit Kings Gap Environmental Education Center for a unique outdoor educational experience. For those who want to get some Facebook-worthy selfies, the area offers great scenic overlooks.

What makes a place great to live in can also make it great for business. Hands down, Cumberland Valley is one of the best locations for new businesses. Not only does it offer great economic growth and amenities, it’s conveniently situated near the major commercial centers. What’s not to like?

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