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Five Online Business Certifications to Grow Your Business Expertise

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In today’s tech-savvy culture, there’s a world of online business certifications at your fingertips. Whether you’re a self-taught entrepreneur or well-versed in the field of business education, there’s always something new to learn. You can expand your business acumen and add vital certifications to your resume that can help you develop as an individual, and you can push your business to grow as you do.

The Benefits of Undertaking Business Courses

Business is a multi-faceted field that requires skills in many different areas. You might find that you have a knack for the financial and creative side of business, for example, but could benefit from further training when it comes to networking. Or you might discover that your business could grow exponentially with some extra attention in the practice of digital marketing. For these reasons, enrolling in certificate programs from local educational institutions could benefit you and your business.

Because business is such a complex and wide field, it follows that there’s quite a range of business courses out there. Find a  program that’s right for you and subsequently find yourself learning a new skill, networking with people who spark innovative ideas and finding inspiration for ways to bring your business to the next level.

Additionally, you’ll benefit from the fact that the following list is entirely  online. Study during your commute or free time, or consider implementing professional development days at work. Wherever you are in the Cumberland County area, you’ll be able to access and learn from these business certifications and see yourself and your organization grow as a result:

1. Digital Marketing
There’s a plethora of digital marketing courses available on sources such as LinkedIn, HubSpot, Google and Coursera. Many of these options are even free! Earn your certification for bonus credibility on your resume or business website, and you’ll tap into the latest innovative ways to expand your digital footprint and use strategic internet marketing to grow your client base.

2. Web Development
If you’re a startup looking to kick-start your new company, a website is essential to gain some brand recognition. If you’d rather learn the nitty-gritty details and start from scratch rather than hiring someone, consider an online web development course like an entirely free HTML introduction.

3. Business Management
Cover all the basics of finance, marketing, accounting, management and more with an online certification. Coursera and the Harvard Expansion School are two great places to start looking for a course that fits based on your prior level of business education.

4. Finance and Accounting
Businesses have a lot of key players, from the innovative entrepreneurs to the accountants who crunch the numbers. Even if your business has an accounting team, the more closely you understand the math details that keep the wheel spinning, the greater your grasp on the business will be. Add this certification to your toolkit to gain deeper business acumen.

5. Human Resource Management
Part of running a business involves managing people. From small teams to large-scale businesses, knowing how to manage and lead people is a big part of being successful. Learn the ins and outs through an online course, such as a free Coursera online class.

Local Options

Cumberland County, and the surrounding area, is also home to a variety of higher educational institutions that offer courses, certifications and programs that can help grow your business. Central Penn College, Messiah College, Shippensburg University, HACC and Harrisburg University offer a wide range of options for you and your business. Learn more here.

If you’re looking for attainable ways to help your business grow, we’re here to help. The Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation offers business financing and grants for small businesses that want to develop. Contact us to learn more!

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