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Harrisburg-Carlisle, PA Ranked 12th Best Metro Area in the Country for Law School Graduates

The following is a new report from data-science group GoodCall ranks the Harrisburg-Carlisle area a top place in the U.S. for lawyers and recent law school graduates to live and work

Charlotte, N.C., GoodCall – A report released this week by the GoodCall research team ranks Harrisburg-Carlisle as the #12 out of 310 best large metro area in the U.S. for lawyers and recent law school graduates.

The report evaluated cities across the country on salary, housing affordability, employment opportunities and area amenities to determine which metropolitan areas provide the best starting point for a career in law.

Harrisburg-Carlisle made the list due to high average lawyer salaries, affordable housing and an attractive job market. Area attorneys make an average of $106,750 while spending just 9.86% of that on rent. The area also ranked 8th for employment attractiveness which is a metric that represents the number of available jobs weighted with job competition in the area.

“Recent graduates often flood large cities in search of big salaries,” says Paul Southerland, Lead Analyst at GoodCall. “Our goal was to find places where lawyers and recent law school graduates could find not only competitive salaries but also a lower cost of living and a solid job market.”

The report analyzed a total of 310 metropolitan areas across the U.S. Rankings were based on data aggregated from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, The U.S. Census Bureau, and career site Indeed.com.

The full report with methodology can be found here: http://www.goodcall.com/data-center/best-large-metro-areas-law-school-graduates/

About the GoodCall Data Center: The GoodCall research team uses data science to create aggregated reports that help consumers make decisions about their careers, college choices and more. GoodCall was born from the idea that in an increasingly complex online marketplace, consumers deserve access to the information they need to make educated financial decision.

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