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Lemoyne Middle School Redevelopment Project Update & Timeline

Lemoyne Middle School

CUMBERLAND VALLEY, PA (August 30, 2018) – RGS Associates, in partnership with the Real Estate Collaborative (REC) LMS, LLC, has concluded a public engagement process for the redevelopment efforts at the former Lemoyne Middle School, a three acre site located at 701 Market Street in the Borough of Lemoyne.

RGS Associates’ public engagement process included two public meetings and a survey to allow the community to provide their comments, concerns and preferences about the project. Over 50 individuals attended each of the meetings, and over 230 people filled out the survey.

At the second of the two meetings, RGS shared the results of the public information gathering process as well as two concepts which sets forth two options under consideration.

You can view the most recent presentation, including the two broad conceptual plans, here.

While RGS received feedback across the board, key themes from the public engagement process included:

  • Save / include historic facade in design solution
  • Retain / integrate the Market Street green space
  • Be sensitive to the design and integration of adequate parking
  • Consider safety of children at Washington Heights Elementary
  • Incorporate owner-occupied housing
  • Develop unique / specialty retail, food, activity destination
  • Create an anchor that supports pedestrian-friendly activity
  • Honor the uniqueness of the site (Lemoyne’s central hub)
  • Respect existing zoning requirements

The two broad concepts call for residential use in the back of the property, parking in the middle and commercial/retail and adaptive reuse in the front.

“We would like to thank the community of Lemoyne and RGS Associates for investing in thoughtful dialogue which will help frame the future development plans for the former Lemoyne Middle School,” said Shireen Farr, CAEDC Interim CEO.

Next steps for this project include:

  • September 11, 2018 – Review survey results and initial concepts with Lemoyne Borough Planning Commission
  • October 4, 2018 – Review survey results and initial concepts with Lemoyne Borough Council

Following these meetings the project partners will:

  • Refine concepts and evaluate financial feasibility of the two concepts
  • Evaluate market feasibility for the two concepts
  • Identify opportunities and challenges associated with the two concepts
  • Reengage the community through direct communication of findings at Lemoyne Borough’s Planning Commission Meetings

All project updates can be found at CumberlandBusiness.com/LemoyneMiddleSchool. This property is represented by Dan Alderman, NAICIR.

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