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Updated comprehensive plan guides Hampden Township toward more development options

HAMPDEN TOWNSHIP—Hampden Township commissioners on Thursday night unanimously approved a resolution to update the township’s comprehensive plan, which provides more opportunities for land owners and developers.

According to Peter Simone, with Simone Collins, a landscape architectural firm based in Norristown, eight public meetings have been held within the past year on the proposed updates, which include a look at the need for transportation improvements and land-use and zoning changes.

The land-use and zoning recommendations include a mixed-use zoning overlay district along the Carlisle Pike, Trindle Road, and Simpson Ferry Road, which would allow not only the current zoning uses, but additional opportunities for developers and business owners, who could have retail, offices, and apartments all on one lot if they so wished.

The final draft of an ordinance, which would enact this Mixed Use District Overlay, as it is being termed, will be the subject of a hearing scheduled at 7:30 p.m. June 2 at Good Hope Middle School, 451 Skyport Road.

Simone previously said the goal of the district “is to create more opportunities for business owners and be a catalyst for redevelopment…”

The existing zoning will not change if this new ordinance is approved; it simply gives developers and redevelopers more options.

The adoption of the new updated comprehensive plan on Thursday night, according to Township Manager Keith Metts, affords land owners and developers an opportunity to request a change in zoning in more areas than the last township comprehensive plan, completed in 1994, allowed.

The transportation recommendations within the plan include focusing on the intersection of Trindle Road and Intertstate 581, east Carlisle Pike, and a possible extension of Sporting Hill Road to Simpson Ferry Road.

This article was posted on Pennlive.com on May 29, 2015.

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