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Total Investment – $315,000

Jobs Retained – 27

Program Used:
Cumberland Small Business Fund

Project Description:
Kessler’s, a high-quality food manufacturing facility in Lemoyne, recently completed their largest expansion in 30 years by adding 4,500 square feet of space for dry storage and a corridor that allows access to it without going through the storage area for ready-to-eat products.

The company needed to complete this expansion in order to complete their Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Certification. This industry certification is stricter than the FDA and is required of many vendors, including one of Kessler’s largest retailers – Whole Foods.

The majority of Kessler’s products are sold under its own brands, such as Kessler’s Nittany Lion Franks. However, growth opportunities for the company include private labeling for retailers. Kessler’s private labels two brands for Whole Foods including the store’s “365” label and Wellshire Farms.

Kessler’s created a niche for itself long ago by providing higher-quality and less processed products before it was popular, allowing them to build these relationships with national retailers.

The facility expansion was financed in part by a $100,000 loan from the Cumberland Small Business Fund in conjunction with the USDA, administered by the Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation (CAEDC).

Owner Bob Kessler shared that working with CAEDC was a smooth and easy process.

News Article:
Kessler’s expands, riding wave of higher-end labels

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