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Mellow Mink Brewing

Mellow Mink Mellow Mink Brewing

Program Used: Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA) Loan

Program Used:

PA Industrial Development Authority (PIDA)

Project Description:

Matt Miller, known as “Dr. Lambic”, tasted his first Belgium Lambic in 2007, began homebrewing in 2009, created his Sour Beer Blog in 2014, and decided to turn his passion into a career in 2017 when he announced plans to open a brewery with Matt overseeing the recipes and his spouse, Cole Taylor, responsible for many of the creative aspects of designing the location as well as their social media presence. At the time, Matt noted on his blog that “our facilities will be classy, comfortable, and stylish to complement the beers that we serve.”

That vision came true when Mellow Mink opened in September 2018. With an atmosphere of casual elegance, the 70-seat taproom offers a spacious bar with several big-screen TVs.  On draft, guests can order from a selection of beers brewed and blended on-site in both sour and classic styles. Other options include artisan cocktails handcrafted with Pennsylvania spirits, house-made sparkling water, and a selection of locally sourced wines and spirits.

Mellow Mink is one of more than 25 locations along the Cumberland Valley Beer Trail. Learn more here.

Working with CAEDC, Mellow Mink received a $98,300 loan for equipment through the PA Industrial Development Authority (PIDA).

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