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Workforce Development in Cumberland County PA

Workforce Development
Developing a skilled workforce has become a national issue as the unemployment rate for college grads is at an all time high, there is a shortage of skilled trades, trillions of money in student loans and a lack of education on other opportunities outside a four-year college degree. On a local level, Cumberland County continues to be the fastest growing county in the commonwealth and employers are in need of a skilled workforce to meet their demands now and in the future.

CAEDC is working with educational institutions and employers to develop curriculum that high school students can take to advance them further along before they graduate and prepare them to get directly into the workforce or on to a technical school or certificate program.


Family-sustaining careers, that provide a good income, are available without the need for a traditional four-year degree and with little to no student debt. Employers are currently seeking these highly skilled jobs in Cumberland County.

Discover how a variety of post-high school options can give students a competitive edge in the job market by watching the video below from Citrus College.

Learn about these innovative careers in advanced manufacturing, heavy equipment and healthcare below. Current career training for in-demand occupations is available at:

Harrisburg Area Community College
One HACC Dr, Harrisburg PA 17110
View Website
Harrisburg University
326 Market St, Harrisburg, PA 17101
View Website


CAEDC completed an analysis on key occupational gaps that exist in the region. This gap analysis led CAEDC to focus on Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing and Heavy Equipment. These occupations have the highest demand for workers by 2024, and are good paying jobs.

View details on each area below.


CAEDC is working with our two biggest healthcare providers, PinnacleHealth and Geisinger, along with the county’s largest school district, Cumberland Valley, and the Cumberland Perry Area Vo-Tech School to identify specialized curriculum that would prepare students for this career path. This pathways program would ideally include a variety of courses targeted at broad-based healthcare education including soft skills training.

  • Healthcare is our #1 private employer
  • Growing need for nurses to offset the wave of retirements from baby boomers
  • PA ranks #2 for having the largest population of elderly, next to Florida
  • Number of Americans age 65 and older is expected to double during the next 4 decades
  • According to the Center for Workforce Information Analysis, there will be a net gain of over 2,900 registered nurses in the Harrisburg-Carlisle metro area by 2024 with an average wage of $68,310

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Includes five occupations: Industrial Engineer Technician, Industrial Machinery Mechanics, Maintenance Workers Machinery, Maintenance & Repair and Computer Numerically Control Operator
  • According to the Center for Workforce Information Analysis, there will be a net gain of over 490 advanced manufacturing jobs by 2024 with an average wage of $48,340
  • These jobs require less workers but pay higher rates which is perfect for Cumberland County’s low unemployment rate
  • This type of training will benefit the area’s distribution and logistics industries as well as a variety of other industries that use technological equipment
  • As these companies continue to compete with e-commerce, the need to be automated will continue to grow along with the need to retain and attract skilled workers

Heavy Equipment

Area construction and excavating companies reached out to CAEDC because they were unable to find skilled workers and wanted to discuss ways to fill needed jobs. To start, CAEDC facilitated a visit to Volvo Construction in Shippensburg where employers and educators were able to experience their heavy equipment simulators for potential partnerships for training.

Heavy equipment covers a variety of skill levels and occupations ranging from flaggers to surveying, estimators and project management engineers.


CAEDC acts as the liaison between the business community, workforce agencies, the County, educational institutions, and housing and transportation organizations to provide solutions addressing workforce challenges. By partnering with these groups, CAEDC can help strengthen our workforce, meet employer demands and retain and attract employers in the County.

By facilitating efforts we can:

  • Strengthen workforce services
  • Reduce redundancies
  • Create educational opportunities and broaden the awareness of options like Career and Technical schools & post-secondary credential programs
  • Bring balance to the supply and demand of our labor market

If you’d like to be involved contact Laura Potthoff at 717-240-7197 or laura@cumberlandbusiness.com.


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