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Five Tips for Returning to the Office Post-COVID-19

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As states continue to modify and lift regulations, it may be time to consider how you want to reopen your small business. You’ll have to make a few adjustments to your current practices – but where do you start? It’s important to ensure that your employees stay safe and productive. Here are five tips on returning to the office post-COVID-19.

1. Maintain a Clean Environment

It’s essential to deep clean your workspace before you ask your employees to return.. Make sure they tackle each area, from break rooms to personal offices.

Then, it’s essential to maintain those standards once employees come back to the office. Now is the time to increase your daily sanitization methods. You should also provide hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for your employees to keep at their work areas.

2. Try a Staggered Method

You shouldn’t ask your employees to return on the same day. It’s best to take a slower approach, as there could be potential risks if you open too quickly. You may want to ask certain teams to return over extended periods of time.

It may be smart to keep some employees at home permanently – especially if their jobs don’t require office space. Be sure to consider a staggered approach for your office’s well-being.

3. Make New Guidelines Clear

Create a guide for your employees on going back to office post-COVID-19. For example, it may seem unclear whether employees must wear masks and gloves, can use conference rooms, have food available for meetings, etc.. Establishing clear guidelines, procedures and rules will help avoid any confusion.

If your employees interact with customers, you’ll need to highlight explicit safety and hygiene guidelines. Many officials recommend that employers test their employees before they return to the office. You should also consider an updated sick leave policy so your employees know what to do if they feel ill.

4. Implement Social Distancing Parameters

If your office’s workplace has cubicles or desks, it’s smart to install partitions or glass barriers. You should also consider your common areas. Make sure tables and chairs are six feet apart so employees can work and eat together safely.

You can also adjust meetings and other in-person events so that they happen online. This step helps employees remain connected with each other, whether or not they’re at the office.

5. Emphasize All Employee Resources

Your employees may feel isolated or stressed during this time. It’s essential to highlight your business’s resources and modify them if necessary. If your employees need to talk to someone, it’s crucial to make it clear that there are resources to help them. You may also want to incorporate mental health into your sick leave procedures.

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The Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation (CAEDC) can help your business grow within Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. When going back to the office after COVID-19, it’s smart to know which resources are available to you.  View a variety of COVID-19 resources, financing options and reopening guidelines at CumberlandBusiness.com/COVID.

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