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Toigo Organic Farms

Toigo Greenhouse

Project: Year-Round Organic Greenhouse

Total Investment: $1.8 million

Project Description:
Toigo Organic Farms LLC, of Shippensburg, has completed construction of one major year-round greenhouse with more phases to come, to grow organic tomatoes for WholeFoods in Middlesex Township (Carlisle). The $1.8 million investment project spans 5 acres and 217,800 sq. ft. of greenhouse space.

The tomatoes will be grown to USDA organic standards, which are guiding rules for farms to follow certifying organic status. To be considered USDA organic, a farm must not use irradiation, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides and genetically modified organisms in the growing of crops. The greenhouse will use biocontrols like advantageous insects – ladybugs, encarsia and wasps – to help control pests that might otherwise be dealt with using pesticides in non-organic farms.

More Information:
View Toigo’s Website

News Article:
New Greenhouse Construction Begins in Middlesex Township

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