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Renew Cumberland Small Business Grant FAQ

Renew Cumberland

Administered by Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation (CAEDC)


If you have questions, email [email protected].

The pandemic interruption has caused many small businesses to have to close or greatly reduce their capacity, which means LOSS of REVENUE, not necessarily increased EXPENSES? For example, a hair salon that closed for 3 months and now operates at 50% capacity needs money to cover that lost revenue, not expenses they incurred while closed.

The maximum grant amount that an applicant can receive is the lesser of $50,000 or their 3-month average working capital.

Is a sole proprietorship eligible?


I’m a retailer and lost income year-to-date due to closures. Can I apply for grant money to purchase new inventory?


Is my business classified as a tourism business?

The following is a list of tourism businesses: Food and Beverage, Lodging, Attractions, Retail, Meeting Venues and Recreation. If you still aren’t sure, please ask.

I keep getting an error when I enter the percentage I’ve been closed.

You need to enter three numbers. For example, if you were closed 50%, enter 050%.

Can I apply for an expense that I already paid for, such as an air filtration system?

Yes, if your expense was not part of your original budget and was for a Covid related mitigation effort.

Is my company eligible if we are headquartered in another county/state, but have a physical location in Cumberland County?

Yes, but the grant money will need to be used for operations in Cumberland County.

I applied online, but didn’t receive an email notification that my application was received.

First, check your spam folder for an email from rc[email protected]. If you still don’t see it, email [email protected] to confirm receipt.

Is this program only for tourism businesses?

No. This program is for all small businesses under 100 employees; however, tourism businesses can have more than 100 employees.

We are an LLC so the organization does not have a tax return, would a compilation report from our tax accounting suffice in leu of a tax return?


My revenue is over $1 million am I still eligible?

Yes, as long as you meet the other criteria.

How do I correct an error on my application or submit a document after I submitted my application?

Send an email with the correction or document to [email protected].

My headquarters is my home in Cumberland County, but my business is located outside of Cumberland County and I do not do business in Cumberland County. Am I eligible?

No, the intent is for the funding to go to businesses that do business in Cumberland County. You may apply to the County/Counties within which you do business.

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