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3 New Marketing Strategies to Try in 2020

Marketing Strategy
Successful businesses never stop learning. They’re able to merge age-old business practices with the latest trends and technologies to connect with customers, create a positive brand image and continue improving their sales technique. In this ever-evolving system, you need to continually learn about new strategies that could benefit your business. Read on to learn about three of the top new marketing strategies in 2020 and how to apply them to your business goals.

1. Business Wi-Fi Marketing

Wi-Fi marketing is one of the latest tools that businesses can use to reach customers in new ways. By offering free Wi-Fi for customers to log in to while in their establishment — which requires the user to agree to be tracked — businesses can learn valuable information about each customer’s purchase habits, competitor browsing patterns and demographic information. Businesses can then use these details to tailor their marketing, send customized discounts or coupons and even decide pricing or display locations based on compiled data. Through tailored marketing, streamlined processes and positive customer experiences, your business can grow in 2020.

2. Stories on Social Media Platforms

Snapchat was the first social media platform to introduce the “story” function. Today, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook all allow stories, which are short videos that disappear after 24 hours. Chances are if you’ve logged in to Instagram or Facebook recently, you’ve seen many businesses promoting their products and services, and even creating paid content, through stories. Using this feature for your business can help you define your voice and connect with a new audience. With the option to swipe up and purchase a product on a story, you can close even more sales through how-to tutorials or just nice photos of your product.

3. Market Personalization

Each one of your customers is different, and one of the top 2020 marketing strategies caters to their unique needs. Marketing personalization is all about providing product recommendations and options most relevant to consumers’ wants and needs. Consider your Amazon homepage. Whenever you log in, you see products similar to what you purchased, videos recommended for you and options to purchase a product again. It makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and cut out so many products you don’t want to sift through. Consider working with a smart personalization engine for your business in 2020, so you can recognize customer intent and better meet your clients’ personal needs.

How the CAEDC Can Help With Your Business Growth

At the Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation, we’re committed to coming alongside local businesses to help them achieve their full potential. We can help connect you with training resources and financing so that you can continue making the most of new trends and technologies. Are you seeking to incorporate techniques such as Wi-Fi marketing, stories and market personalization into your business model but need a hand with financing to do so? Contact CAEDC today, and we’ll give you an inside look into what resources are available and how your business can keep developing.

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