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WaldenCumberland Valley Pennsylvania offers diverse and stable housing options throughout the county. In this area you’ll find charming downtowns, rural landscapes and thriving suburbs to fit any lifestyle.

You’ll also find abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, high ranking school districts, quaint towns, and local shops and restaurants within a short driving distance of where you live.

Home options include well-built older homes in historic neighborhoods, new single-family and multi-unit developments, sub-divisions in smaller communities and larger properties with surrounding acreage. Cumberland County has a strong economy combined with a low cost of living and affordable median home prices.

Residential Real Estate Market Data

The strength of a community’s residential real estate market is an indicator of economic vibrancy and growth. The number of units sold and the average days on market are prime examples of how desirable a place is to buyers.

Cumberland County continues to see a strong residential real estate market with some of the highest regional numbers of units sold and lowest average days on market. The increasing home sales and prosperous residential market are just another example of what a great place the Cumberland Valley is to live.

View up-to-date residential real estate data for Cumberland County.

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