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Grants For Tourism Businesses in Cumberland County

Tourism Grant Award

With the additional hotel room tax increase of .5% in 2010, the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau earmarked funds for two new programs: a Tourism Infrastructure Loan Fund (TILF) and a tourism grant program. A third program, the Seasonal Application Program (SNAP), was unveiled in 2016 and the Meetings and Motorcoach Application Program (MMAP) was added in 2017. From the initial grant cycle in 2010 to the eighth cycle administered in 2016, the Cumberland Valley Visitor Bureau has awarded nearly $500,000 in grants to fund nearly 80 organizations representing heritage, cultural, agricultural and experiential tourism.

The grant programs are designed to support the Cumberland Valley Visitor Bureau’s core need of expanding capacity and reach in its destination marketing and branding initiatives. In an effort to spread the Cumberland Valley brand at a faster rate it is a requirement for all grants to integrate the Cumberland Valley brand.

The program supports for-profit or nonprofit organizations, municipalities and county government with tourism-related requests which: increase tourism, promote collaborative programming, enhance the ability to market our programs and the destination, expand tourism capacity through support of new program development, and improve physical infrastructure. Specific grant application categories that directly align with the Cumberland Valley Visitor Bureau’s Marketing Strategy are released with each new cycle.

Since Cumberland Valley’s destination brand and quality of life relies so heavily on outdoor recreation and trails, special consideration is placed on nature-based and agri-tourism grant requests. Grant applications that come with collaborative partnerships are also given special consideration.

The 2017 tourism funding programs were released on January 17, 2017. Visit the Tourism Funding page to learn more about each of the programs.

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