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CAEDC Recognizes Importance of Workforce Development to Region’s Success

Workforce Development Month, held annually each September, is a time to reflect on the crucial role that a skilled and capable workforce plays in the growth and success of the economy at the national, state, and local levels. The Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation (CAEDC) believes workforce development is paramount to Cumberland County’s continued success and high quality of life. Here are five reasons why CAEDC supports workforce development as an integral part of its strategic plan.

Economic Growth and Stability: A skilled workforce drives economic growth by attracting businesses and industries that require specialized skills. Cumberland County’s economy benefits from its diverse workforce, with professionals spanning various sectors such as healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, technology, and government. For instance, the presence of four leading hospitals within our county enhances healthcare infrastructure and generates job opportunities for nurses, doctors, administrative staff, and support personnel.

Innovation and Competitiveness: A well-trained workforce fosters innovation and keeps businesses competitive on a global scale. For example, Cumberland County hosts technology-driven companies like TE Connectivity, a manufacturer of connectivity solutions. Employees at TE Connectivity contribute to cutting-edge advancements in fields such as aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications. Their expertise directly influences the company’s ability to innovate and maintain its competitive edge.

Reduced Unemployment and Poverty: Efforts in workforce development lead to reduced unemployment rates and help to alleviate poverty. CAEDC collaborates with organizations such as PA CareerLink, the Employment Skills Center, and SCPa Works to match job seekers in Cumberland County with the skills needed to secure meaningful employment opportunities.

Community Engagement and Pride: A strong workforce enhances community engagement and pride. By working with local school districts such as Carlisle and Cumberland Valley and the Cumberland Perry Area Career & Technical Center, CAEDC helps align their curriculum with workforce demands, ensuring that students are equipped with relevant skills, contributing to the region’s prosperity for generations.

Quality of Life and Well-Being: A thriving workforce contributes to an improved quality of life and the overall well-being of a community. Cumberland County’s ideal geographic location, close to East Coast markets and with easy access to numerous interstates, sets the stage for many industries that thrive, expand, or are headquartered here. From professional services and small businesses to tourism and the military, the county’s workforce in various sectors is vital in enhancing the region’s appeal.

Workforce Development Month serves as a reminder of the critical role that a skilled and adaptable workforce plays in the success of this region. From driving economic growth and innovation to reducing unemployment and enhancing community engagement, the impact of workforce development resonates within the county’s fabric. This month, let us recognize and celebrate the ongoing efforts of various individuals and organizations within the county to train, empower, and uplift the workforce, ultimately shaping a brighter future for this area.

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