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Signature Staffing: Making a Lasting Impact in Cumberland County


814 Market St.

Lemoyne, PA 


In today’s dynamic and fast-paced job market, finding qualified workers has become increasingly challenging for employers. The hiring process is often time-consuming and costly, leaving businesses seeking a solution. That’s where Signature Staffing Inc. in Lemoyne steps in, connecting employers with the right workers throughout Cumberland County for an impressive 25 years. With their expertise, they streamline the recruitment process, saving employers valuable time and resources while allowing them to focus on their core business, knowing the hiring process is in capable hands.

Pamela Hill, founder and president of Signature Staffing, is passionate and committed about developing long-standing partnerships with regional employers to help fill their unique staffing needs and provide flexibility to meet fluctuating workforce demands.

Signature Staffing uses its relationships and resources to tap into a vast pool of talent, enabling them to efficiently match job requirements with the skills and expertise of potential candidates. Connecting with a broader range of candidates helps them find the best fit for the employer’s organizational needs – from executive searches to professional or industrial staffing — ensuring organizations can maintain productivity levels without incurring unnecessary long-term overhead costs.

“Today’s companies are focused on getting their product out the door. Signature Staffing provides them with the tools they need to do that and is the employer of record. Managing the workforce helps free up companies to meet their objectives by focusing on what is important to them,” says Pamela.

With a commitment that extends not only to employers but also to the applicants, Pamela and her team strongly advocate for job seekers noting that “Applicants are much more than a resume. We invest in their future.” The company possesses in-depth knowledge of various industries that play critical roles in the economy of Cumberland County, including healthcare, government, education and non-profit, consumer products and services, industrial, supply chain logistics, professional services, technology, and manufacturing. Using this knowledge base allows them to evaluate candidates based on their skills, qualifications, and cultural fit with an organization. The rigorous screening process reduces the risk of a bad hire and increases the likelihood of finding a suitable match for the job.

Pamela’s journey to owning and leading one of Cumberland County’s largest staffing agencies began 25 years ago, nurtured by a mentor who “prepared and encouraged me and gave me the tools I needed to go out on my own.” The beginning wasn’t easy for this single mother of two small boys, and securing funding was one such challenge. The Small Business Administration (SBA) was “wonderful but could only provide funding for operational expenses,” says Pamela. She approached seven banks seeking funding for receivables but was rejected by every institution—except one! She persevered and found support from M&T Bank, which remains her banking partner to this day. “They are why I am here today. They are loyal, and they have been steadfast the whole time.” Relationships and loyalty are important to Signature Staffing, and Pamela is still working with her original accounting firm and law firm.

Signature Staffing’s roots are firmly planted in Cumberland County. In 1998, at the beginning of her endeavor, Pamela rented office space in Lemoyne. That building was destroyed by fire in 2004, and she moved the company to Mechanicsburg for a year. She returned to Lemoyne when she bought the building that currently houses the company. Despite the many challenges and changes throughout the years, she has remained in Cumberland County. “This area is perfect. We have a nice blend of industries and are close enough to the East Shore to attract employers and job seekers from both locations.”

For entrepreneurs seeking a new business venture, Pamela is a firm believer in mentorship and emphasizes the importance of “a strong business plan, a reliable line of credit, and comprehensive insurance” for potential startups.

Signature Staffing stands as an invaluable intermediary in the modern job market and an indispensable resource for employers in Cumberland County, skillfully optimizing recruitment efforts and alleviating the administrative burdens of hiring, allowing employers to focus on achieving their core business objectives. As a driving force in the job market, Signature Staffing plays a pivotal role in empowering businesses and job seekers alike, making a lasting impact on the Cumberland County community.

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