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Food Processing and Manufacturing Locations

When it comes to feeding hungry mouths, agricultural businesses need to meet a complex series of new demands and logistical challenges in order to bring products from the farmer's field …

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Small Business Expansion

Small businesses are driving the U.S. economy’s growth, a trend that appears unlikely to slow down any time soon. In fact, a recent Harvard Business School study indicated small businesses lead …

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Why Business Location Matters

Whether you’re opening a brand new business or relocating an existing enterprise, the location you choose is one of the most important factors that determine your success. Foot traffic, access …

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The Benefits of a Well-Educated Workforce

You can create a groundbreaking product with cutting edge equipment in the most modern facility, but if you don’t employ a trained, well-educated workforce, your business won’t go far. A …

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5 Ways Hospitality and Tourism Shape Economic Development

Residents of the Cumberland Valley already know why we’re the fastest growing county in Pennsylvania. Our diverse regional assets — such as our incredible history, gorgeous natural resources and fun …

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