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Working in Distribution and Logistics

Distribution and logistics are among the most important jobs in our country. Those working in the supply chain discipline help to get resources, services and products where they need to go. Without these fields, food would not get to diners, products would not get to customers and companies would not have the raw materials, inventory and other resources they need to succeed.

The growth of the distribution and logistics industries in The United States in general and in Cumberland County specifically creates exciting opportunities for students and companies alike. As businesses reshore operations and return some manufacturing work to the United States, there are many work opportunities available.

Fast Growth

Logistics, supply chain and distribution jobs are also growing due to new business openings. Many types of jobs are available, including truck drivers, fulfillment jobs and project managers as well as other positions. These openings are across industries. Professionals in these fields help bring products to manufacturing, businesses and consumers.

Companies are hungry for skilled,  available employees.

Advanced manufacturing is one area that has seen growth in logistics and distribution positions. Industrial engineer technicians, maintenance workers, machinery workers, industrial machinery mechanics, maintenance and repair professionals and computer control operators are high demand occupations in this area that offer high wages.

Advanced manufacturing is an especially ripe field for growth. By 2024, the Center for Workforce Information Analysis forecasts that there will be a net gain of over 490 jobs in this market. With an average wage of $48,340 and many opportunities for growth.

Heavy equipment is another great opportunity for job seekers where companies are eager to fill jobs with skilled workers. Employees in this sector include project management engineers, surveyors, flaggers and estimators.

Industrial maintenance mechanics are especially in demand in the heavy equipment sector. These workers repair, maintain and service heavy machinery associated with distribution. This can include warehouse conveyor belts and systems as well as other machinery. They also provide advice to companies seeking new equipment and even train or manage junior repair professionals.

Why Logistics and Distribution?

There are many reasons why this field is taking off. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of logistics jobs will increase by 25.5% through 2020. Currently, the average wage is $74,000 for logisticians and $51,630 for industrial machinery mechanics. Some jobs in this field pay even more and wages are growing.

These fields are also diverse and welcoming with a steady increase in women joining this field. Jobs in these areas range from warehouse workers and truck drivers to executives. Regardless of educational levels of achievement, experienced and interested workers can find an exciting position in this field.

Since there is a hunger for workers in this sector, many businesses tend to train and promote in-house,  so there are many opportunities for advancement. The demand for workers means work is stable, and companies want to retain talent through incentives, training and flexible schedules. Low turnover allows companies to develop fun cultures and close camaraderie with co-workers.

Many people in logistics and distribution find a good work-life satisfaction, in part because the jobs tend to be interesting. It’s possible to meet people, advance in your career and form relationships with the people you work with. You can rest easy, knowing you are making a difference in the world and you can always seek new opportunities and challenge yourself in an exciting career.

How Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation (CAEDC) Can Help

CAEDC is committed to helping pair skilled workers with employers in need of talent. CAEDC has helped to foster programs with Cumberland Valley High School (CVHS) and Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) where students will be able to earn their OSHA 10 Safety Credential and First Aid and Safety Certification while learning about supply chain careers and building their skills. The program will be taught by  HACC.

CAEDC offers workforce development services to help employers in Cumberland County find the talent they need. CAEDC works in partnership with businesses, educational institutions, the County, workforce organizations and other groups to find solutions to these challenges.

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