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CCED Addresses Public Transportation Needs in Cumberland Technology Park

In recent years, Cumberland Technology Park has seen major growth in development. The business park which covers over 90 acres of land has become an attractive hot spot for companies in hospitality, healthcare, media, consulting, and technology industries. The attractiveness of the park is primarily due to its close proximity to major highways such as Interstate-81 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Undoubtedly, this growth has been a significant area of economic activity in Hampden Township and Cumberland County. Cumberland Technology Park continues to grow, evident by the recent project announcements such as PinnacleHealth’s $150 million hospital adjacent to the Fredrickson Outpatient Center, and Novitas Solution’s expansion of its Medicare claims processing department. The hospital will seek to service a large number of patients from Cumberland and Perry County. Cumberland County Economic Development (CCED) projects more than 550 new and permanent jobs coming to the park within the next 18 months. CCED anticipates a substantial increase in the flow of traffic and sees the lack of established Bus-Service route to this area as a growing problem. In talks with various Cumberland Technology Park employers and employees, a great deal of concern was expressed for the lack of any type of public transportation service. “I think it is important for us to explore different alternatives and solutions. Having more transportation options can provide a great deal of flexibility to commuters who are throughout the region,” says Director of Cumberland County Economic Development Jonathan Bowser.

In an effort to address the lack of public transportation service, CCED has reached out to a number of parties in order to form a strategic public and private partnership. Providing daily bus service to the park will be critical to assist the Cumberland Business Park employees save thousands of dollars in annual transportation savings. Moreover, it will ensure that people who rely on public transportation will have access to the park and, more importantly, the proposed Hampden Hospital. “I think this will be a great opportunity for a more involvement from the private sector and help offset some of the costs associated with providing such services,” says Bowser.

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